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Wael Kaadan, dba abd


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Born in Syria, raised in France, and currently holding senior positions within a multinational company working in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Wael Kaadan has extensive experience working in the Middle-East and in conflict zones. He has developed business opportunities, managing
multiple crises in high growth countries known to have witnessed wars, insurgencies, sanctions, and instability for decades. He has handled local and expatriate teams in ISO certification, inspection, construction, and commodities testing. He was successful in creating a network of local, national, and regional acquittances, providing solutions to their business concerns, and contributing in obtaining multi-millions contracts.

Wael Kaadan holds an EMBA degree from the Higher Institute of Business Administration, where he wrote his thesis about “Promoting Syrian Agri-food exports.” Wael is enrolled in a DBA program at prestigious ‘École des Ponts Business School’, Paris. His thesis is about “Structuring chaos: managing business effectively in war zones”.

Wael Kaadan