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Get acquainted with capital markets, investment, and portfolio management. Apply appropriate analytic methods to understand customer values and the drives of demand

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We provide as described below standard training programs and we also enjoy being asked to develop a specific perspective on any practical business challenge our clients are confronted with and co-create a content that is just right for your audience.

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bw offshore’s oil fiel bet in gabon

Written by Dr. Maarten van Mourik

The oil price crash of 2014-15 was one of those outside events that can strike at the core of a business and may threaten its survival. A radical departure of the company strategy may be tried to counter the consequences of these events, by taking on risks that would typically be part of the client’s portion of the value chain. Mr Arnet, CEO of BW Offshore, pursued such a strategy and now finds himself presenting to the board the future of this successful excursion outside the traditional business of supplying oil companies with a production ship.

Failure to die : Aperam, a strategic divestment spin-off from arcelormittal

Written by Dr. Johanna Van Sevenant

The case looks at the rationale behind a spin-off of the stainless steel company Aperam from ArcelorMittal, one of the world’s largest steel companies.  The case invites students to understand the rich nuances of spin-off strategies, provide context to the unique challenges, and present opportunities to organizations.  In addition, the case highlights how the newly formed company endeavored to survive in the background of tumultuous global uncertainty and further industry consolidation.

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