Practical Strategy for young graduates


The module examines Strategic Leadership from different perspectives: from what influences strategy to the assessment of strategic choices and from understanding the strategic process to a real simulation of strategic dilemmas. This module brings theory and practice together and shows how they can complement each other in understanding and responding to strategic business situations. Participants will gain comprehensive perspectives of what it means to manage a business strategically.



Get insight on how to set the scene to understand what influences strategic options


Analyze different options to grow the business strategically, describing methods and comparing real life examples of what went well and what went wrong


Focus on process and methods to succeed both the strategic exercice and its successful implementation, sharing real life examples


Learning  objectives include  acquiring an understanding of strategy, being able to assess critically strategic options and processes, and practicing acquired skills as a leader in a rapidly changing environment..  

Target audience

New manager or first management role for any young graduate entering a  for profit or not for profit organization


One day each

Understanding Strategy

◉ Influence of the environment – macro/micro/competition

◉ Strategic capabilities

◉ Strategic purpose

◉ Influence of Culture on strategy

Strategic options

◉ Generic business strategies

◉ Diversification

◉ Internationalization

◉ Innovation

◉ M&A

◉ Valuation of the options

Strategic process

◉ Evaluation of strategies

◉ Process and methodology to conduct strategic exercice

◉ Organizing strategy implementation

◉ Leading strategic change

Strategic Simulation

◉ Practice and fine-tune your knowledge and competences, carrying out a strategic leadership role  in a realistic context requiring strategic move

◉ Develop the right behavior to increase your impact

◉ Via this experiment, you also experience collegial decision-making within a leadership team context

◉ Receive honest feedback about your interventions from your colleague participants and experts


Online (all but session 4) or on-ground; in full or each session separately;  2 half-days, or one-day per session

Target audience

Middle management preparing to Leadership role, Leadership Teams, Functional Leaders seeking understanding of pluridisciplinary approach to Strategy,  Start-up founders and Entrepreneurs with strong growth

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