Professional Development and Personal Growth


The module examines leadership as the process of directing, guiding, and influencing behavior in achieving specific objectives. From controlling and disciplining to inspiring and delegating authority leadership as a role is one of the most ambitious and demanding. Modern leaders require an entrepreneurial approach to spot and exploit opportunities, to plan and and control initiatives throughout the lifecycle of goals they set and influence and lead the their teams with a vision, strategy and determination. Participants will gain new perspectives of what it means to be a leader in challenging and rapidly changing environments.



Gain insight and evaluate volatile and critical situation


Trigger inspiration and motivation in self and others


Build cohesive cross-functional collaboration


Apply intelligence and leadership in a variety of situations  


Make things happen

Target audience

Middle and upper management within any for profit or not for profit organization


One day each

Leadership Essentials

◉ Why leaders exist?

◉ Historical wisdom – rise and fall of leaders

◉ The individual as leader

◉ Leadership traits, styles, and roles

◉ Leaders as managers

Problem Solving and Decision Making

◉ Facts, perceptions, and opinions

◉ Rationality and interpretation

◉ Framing and diagramming

◉ Formal decision making methods


◉ Assumptions and Biases

◉ Reliability and validity of Assertions

◉ Negotiating with superiors, subordinates, and peers

◉ Game theory and simulations

◉ Evaluating and taking risks


◉ The leader as motivator or manipulator

◉ Carrot and stick

◉ Delegations of authority

◉ Giving and receiving feedback

◉ Virtual teams

Visionary Leadership

◉ Storytelling

◉ Confidence vs competence

◉ Impatience vs commitment

◉ Dealing with complexity

◉ Being a role-model


Online or on-ground as half-day, one-day, two-day sessions

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