Assertiveness & Persuasion


The module looks at the ways and means of persuasion… Here, know-how is know-how-to-have-done, know-how-to-be, know-how-to-make-be, know-how-to-let-it-be.

Wherever you are up or down the ladder, you need to get your ideas adhered to…

At times you may need to enforce, or persuade, or let go, or like and love the team, or like and love the life.  You may need to like and love yourself.

Are you a leader, or are you willing to become a good and happy one?  Are you a follower and are you willing to become a good and happy one?


Target audience

Middle and upper management within any for profit or not for profit organization


One day each


◉ Of the pen

◉ Of the mouth

◉ Of the body

◉ Of the hands

◉ Of the face

◉ Of the setting


◉ By authority

◉ By personality

◉ By exemplarity

◉ By strength

◉ By incentives

◉ By love & friendship


Are you afraid?

◉ Of the other

◉ Of power

◉ Of love

◉ Of life

◉ Of yourself

The parent, the chief of tribe, and the military were the first… What are they still doing in here?

◉ History

◉ Macro-model

◉ Micro-model

◉ Individual model

Motivation: Don't worry, be happy

◉ Learn to love the project

◉ Learn to love the effort

◉ Learn to love the momentum & continuum

◉ Learn to love the other

◉ Learn to love life

◉ Learn to love yourself


Some of this cannot be done online: it takes face-to-faces.  It sometimes takes the field.  One-day Two-day sessions if large groups.

Sports teams or platoons – or platoon-like motivational team-building – can take up to three days, as field work is necessary

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